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April 2016 - Parkinson's Disease and Stress Awareness Month


To start the month, this video from the Michael J Fox Foundation will help provide an introduction into the people and families impacted by Parkinson's Disease



"What Happens In Vagus"

The spelling is correct. Stress reduction is impacted but the Vagus nerve in your body.  When you feel stress creep in or begin to feel overwhelmed, step away for a moment and take a few big, slow, deep breaths. Your body and mind will thank you.  The video below, which is only 1 minute long, will help show you some proper breathing techniques. The link to the podcast from NPR, only 4 minutes, has some interesting information on how the Vagus nerve not only benefits stress, but your overall wellness as well. 



Continuing with our updates on Parkinson's awareness month - Here is the website for the Massachusetts's chapter of the American Parkinson's Disease Association. This particular page has information on support groups throughout MA., but the site in general is an excellent resource.  https://apdama.org/wcms/support-groups/


Here's a very well produced and informative video on reducing stress at work.


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