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Meet our Comfort Keepers

Each is a professional caregiver in every sense of the word

All Comfort Keepers pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. They are bonded, insured and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect both our caregivers and our clients.

They're responsible, dedicated and passionate about their chosen career. We feel very proud of each of our staff and happy to introduce you to a few of them here.


Our longest tenured Comfort Keeper - 

 Joan Richards    

Joan has been with us since October of 2003. Her experience and understanding of the caregiver role is so important to us that Joan is often asked to observe her peers in the field and provide support, mentoring and to offer training when possible.


Our most "chronologically" tenured - 



Augustine Gonsalves  



It's one of the most respectful ways that we can talk about one our most loved Comfort Keepers - born in 1935 and still works an average of 20 hours each week. From her smile, it's easy to see how much joy and personality that Augustine is able to bring to her clients.

(UPDATE - 3/11/16) Augustine needed to leave Comfort Keepers this week in order to provide care for her husband. We know he's getting a great caregiver, and we know we just lost one. But we will keep Augustine active on this site until someone else comes along more 'chronologically tenured' to take her place. We wish Augustine and her family all the best.

(12/1/16 An even better update - SHE'S BACK!) We're so glad to see our great friend  Augustine again.


November 2016 - A few of our newest Comfort Keepers


  Ann Rodrigues, PCA South Shore

  Donna Baker, HHA, Cape Cod

 Sherene Thomas, CNA, Cape Cod

    Patricia Mucci, PCA, Cape Cod  

 Meghan O'Malley, CNA, South Shore

 Sally Wright, CNA, Cape Cod


November 2016 - Here are a few of our busiest Comfort Keepers so far this fall.




Kasey Melloni, CNA, South Shore 


Betty Curtis, PCA, Cape Cod

Patricia Faustrum, PCA, South Shore

And some repeats from October ...

 Christine Brignol, HHA, South Shore

  Sherica Sanderson, CNA, Cape Cod


Our Training and our Teamwork




Our Certified Home Health Aide (HHA) training course. Our Staff Nurse, Maureen Moroney, RN (center), provided the training for a group of hand-chosen PCA's to take their skills to the next level of care and professionalism.It was a week of hands-on individual and group activities ending with a comprehensive exam - followed by the smiles and hard-earned certificates that each member deserved.


And our own Comfort Keeper of the Year, 2012 - Kris Corey

Kris Corey started with our office in 2011 and in less than a year was named a Caregiver of the Year, out of over 30,000 Comfort Keepers nationwide. Kris decided to retire from Comfort Keepers at the end of 2015 in order to, of course, help provide care for in-laws. In her short clip below Kris speaks of the impact her clients had on her. Thank you for watching.



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